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KEAMYA Digital Wall Scanner Multi Material Detector Universal Tester Stud Finder


Date listed: 19/1/2019

The KEAYMA KY-10 5-in-1 multi-scanner is a specialist device for locating a range of materials.

With its five mode feature, this sophisticated wall scanner can detect aluminum, steel, copper, wood; and with safety being paramount the KY-10 will detect live wires in any mode. Finding the centre and depth of hidden metal pipes, live wires, studs and wooden frames is no trouble with clear visual and audio indication.

The KY-10 features and ergonomic design and felt pads for smooth movement across surfaces. A marking channel at the top of the unit enables easy recording of the centre point.  And with its low power consumption, auto shut off function and battery level indication, it’ll be with you until completion of the job.

With such versatility and precise performance, this wall scanner is must in the tool kits for contractors, electricians, carpenters, masons, plumbers and DIY renovators.

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