20 February - 20 March

Emotions you've been bottling up or even subconscious feelings you're unaware of are to starting to surface. You may become extremely conscious of your flaws and insecurities. You mustn't be that hard on yourself. Your feelings are exaggerated right now, so don't dwell on them. This will be a reflective period, in which things of the past will be very important to you. Discuss these thoughts and feelings with someone close to you, as that will provide the emotional release you need.


21 March - 20 April

Right now, life probably seems like an enormous weight on your shoulders. Your obligations and responsibilities are wearing you down, and getting the better of you. Be careful not to fall into self-pity, and remember that this low point is simply a tiny part of the emotional rollercoaster of life. If you can accept it rather than dwell on it, you'll be up the next hill much more quickly. This is a time for great imagination and positivity. You will find a great source of positive energy in your dreams, aspirations and fantasies.


21 April - 21 May

Your ability to think on your feet is stronger than ever. You have a sense of spontaneity and excitement which will serve you well, although these feelings come from inner restlessness and desire for change. This is a perfect time to meet new people or begin new activities. Your primary desire right now is freedom, and this may cause you to be frustrated by your responsibilities, and resent demands made on your time. This frustration, however, can give rise to great inventiveness and creativity.


22 May - 21 June

You have, for some time now, been troubled with some sort of ongoing problem. Perhaps more than one. On the bright side, you should have no shortage of motivation to work at resolving them, but until you have succeeded, you may be rather irritable and edgy. To avoid conflict, warn those around you that you need time to focus on your issues. At the moment, you are likely to be acutely aware of your differences with others. This is a difficult time for you. Trying to fit in, and you feel misunderstood by others.


22 June - 23 July

Your primary focus right now is the future - Your career, long term aspirations, reputation, public image and financial security. What do you want out of life' Take this time to evaluate your current direction, and re-orient yourself towards what is truly important to you. Your aggressive energies and inner tensions are heightened, and you are likely to feel impatient and emotionally charged. You will act without hesitation and know exactly what you want. This is an opportunity to use more determination to achieve your goals.


24 July - 23 August

You've not been handling stress as well as you could. Unless you are careful, this build-up of pressure will lead to a regrettable explosive outburst, as you're entering a wilder and more impulsive phase. Try to find healthy outlets for your emotions, and give yourself opportunities to relax and release tension. Today, don't expect to be easily amused. You will incline to take things quite seriously and have little patience for jokes and time-wasting. Your practicality is useful in persuading, others.


24 August - 23 September

You want instant gratification. A desire for things you don't have will be a source of temptation. While it makes more sense to resist your temptations, your desire can be put to very practical use, as a source of motivation to work even harder for the things you want. A new cycle is beginning. This is a time of great creativity and self-expression, but also an emotionally active time that will see someone becoming extremely important to you. Embrace the change and potential romance that is coming your way.


24 September - 23 October

You have a current knack for leaving others with a good impression of you. This could be a good opportunity to make a move - apply for a job, ask someone out. Your sense of charm and refinement will fare you well in your endeavours. You are starting to see things with a new clarity - The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together, and you will develop a much stronger sense of what's important to you. You may also become more aware of health and diet, finding a newfound respect for the sanctity of your body.


24 October - 22 November

Today, you'll flow breezily through the day. Because things are going smoothly you'll feel at ease, open and free to express yourself without worry or hesitation. This is a positive time to interact with people, as your contentment will rub off on others. Today, you will be a source of good, practical ideas. You will also be able to express your perspectives clearly to others, so be sure to share your insight with workmates or superiors. You may also want to put your problem-solving abilities to work on your issues.


23 November - 22 December

You have a clearer, free-flowing mental state right now. This gives you the ability to relate and communicate with others more skillfully. It allows you to shine in your place of work. Don't be afraid to showcase your insights and abilities. You'll be appreciated by those around you. This will be a time when things have the potential to go extremely well, but this depends entirely on your approach. Reacting to provocation or getting involved in a conflict will stall your progress. Work with the flow, tolerating and letting go.


23 December - 20 January

There are a lot of things in your life which probably seem, at the moment, much more interesting than your work. Your mind will be constantly tempted away from what you know it should be focused on. Avoid making work-related decisions, as you may be too distracted to be objective. You have a fiercely independent streak, and your almost fanatical desire to accomplish your goals single-handedly may distance you from the people who are most important to you. Self-sufficiency is your greatest asset right now.


21 January - 19 February

Your mind is keen to acquire new knowledge and experience' feed it' More importantly, your perspective is broadening, and you have a great opportunity to dismantle and re-build your belief system. The revelations you have now will shape the way you think in time to come. It's becoming important that everything you do has a meaning or deeper purpose. Routines or aspects of your lifestyle which do not reflect your beliefs or contribute to your progress in some way will suddenly seem a waste of time.

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