The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate has an inquiry.
The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate has an inquiry.

BY-ELECTION: Tiaro Chamber hosts Fraser Coast candidates

UPDATE: Candidates have been asked what they will do to keep the community going, with a specific focus on infrastructure and jobs.

David Dalgleish said the council needs to "get on with the serious things" and make sure the next crop of councillors were ones the community could count on.

Jannean Dean said by tapping into the agricultural market, more jobs and opportunities could be provided for the region.

Tony Pantlin reiterated his plan to "roll out the red carpet" for non-job hungry people and to "earn the trust of the community back."

Darren Everard said the region needed to focus on "what businesses we've got" and how to attract more to fix the region's problems.

"We have to be open for business," he said.

EARLIER (8.15PM): Dave Barrowcliffe has asked candidates what they will do to ensure full compliance with the principles in the Local Government Act.

Tony Pantlin said he was "very familiar with policies and procedures..

"If I'm elected, I'll make sure I'll know all the pages of the Local Government Act and I won't be one of those people who will be non-compliant," he said.

Greg Schmidt said he wouldn't "pick on flavours" but promised he would uphold the two sections.

George Seymour said the council needs someone who can model the behaviour of the Local Government Act and the council needed to "come together."

Darren Everard said it "came down to respect."

David Dalgleish said there were "so many small details and acts" that needed to be refreshed all the time, which was where the CEO of council came in for "guidance on the Act."

"Showing the councillors they have an ally, that you stand solid with them, that's what we've got to get," Mr Dalgleish said.

EARLIER (8.05PM): Merv Hastings has asked what the candidates plan to do about getting roads back into the proper maintenance schedule, referencing his problem with Wilsons Rd.

Darren Everard said the problem of trying to fix non-prioritised roads was too much money would end up being spent on roads that were not frequently used.

Tony Pantlin said the Fraser Coast needs to have pride in its assets.

"That's why we need to make sure everything is kept up to maintenance," he said.

David Dalgleish said his problem was being able to find money for "Sports Precincts" rather than focussing on local issues like roads.

EARLIER (7.55PM): With a particular focus on the candidates with no local government experience, your candidates have been asked "where they see they may have an advantage or disadvantage in not having the knowledge and background of working in local government to step up to this position"

Greg Schmidt said his experience in construction is a "parallel work background", saying both have a "very similar chain of command."

Jannean Dean said her experience in attending council meetings, reading the agenda and legislation and being committed to serving the people has given her a background on the role.

Tony Pantlin said he clearly understood the difference between the private and public sectors, and reiterated the region needed to "roll out the red carpet" for non-job hungry residents to create more employment.

EARLIER (7.30PM): The Fraser Coast's mayoral candidates are currently answering questions from the Fraser Coast's regional community at a Meet the Candidates forum in Tiaro.

Darren Everard, George Seymour, David Dalgleish, Tony Pantlin, Jannean Dean and Greg Schmidt are in attendance.

Paul Forst is not in attendance due to a family commitment.

The forum is organised by the Tiaro and District Chamber of Commerce.

More to come.