A Preston man stole hundreds from his former girlfriend through an online transfer. Photo: File
A Preston man stole hundreds from his former girlfriend through an online transfer. Photo: File

10-page history: Whitsunday man defrauds hundreds from ex

A Whitsunday man with the "history of a 55-year-old criminal" has faced court after stealing hundreds of dollars from his former girlfriend.

Bhodi Jon Perkins, 26, says he stole the funds to pay off the woman's debts.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told Bowen Magistrates Court on Tuesday the woman received a text message in October saying the mobile number linked to her bank account had been changed.

She then noticed a transaction of $1 and then $770 had been made to an account under the name B Perkins.

Sgt Myors said during a conversation with the woman over Facebook, Perkins denied stealing the funds.

But police confirmed the new mobile number linked to the account belonged to Perkins and later discovered the funds had been deposited into his account.

The funds were then transferred to three other accounts.


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Sgt Myors said Perkins was on a suspended sentence, had a 10-page criminal history and had been before the court just 20 days before committing the offences.

"It was not 'like' offending … it has still not deterred him from committing further offences," Sgt Myors said.

Perkins pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud.

When lawyer Cleo Rewald told the court Perkins was 26 years old, Magistrate James Morton replied he had a "criminal history of a 55-year-old criminal".

Ms Rewald said Perkins and the woman had been in a short relationship and he took the funds to pay outstanding debts, so the money was transferred to three other people.

"The debts were hers, they were not his, and he had to make sure they were paid," Ms Rewald said.

Ms Rewald said a couple of years had passed since Perkins' last dishonesty offence and asked the magistrate to consider fashioning a sentence that would allow Perkins to be released from jail that day.

A Whitsunday man says he took the money to pay back debts.
A Whitsunday man says he took the money to pay back debts.

The court heard Perkins' suspended jail sentence had been given after the fraud occurred, so the proceedings were not impacted.

The Preston man had already served 29 days in pre-sentence custody.

"That has been 29 days of your life well spent," Mr Morton said.

"Your criminal history is absolutely appalling."

Mr Morton told Perkins he understood the $1 transaction was likely a tester, which was followed by the $770 when he realised his plan had worked.

Mr Morton said Perkins needed "intense supervision".

"Probation is not an option, a fine is not an option," Mr Morton said.

"We are left with only one option and that is a term of actual imprisonment."

Perkins was sentenced to a total of seven months' jail and was immediately released on parole.

"I have got nothing else I can say to you, you are a habitual offender who cannot stay out of trouble," Mr Morton said.