12 court stories that shocked the Fraser Coast in 2018

Killer of mum sentenced to 10 years

Nathan Greenfield is charged with the manslaughter of the mother (June Wallis) of his two children.
Nathan Greenfield arrives to Maryborough Supreme Court for sentencing. Annie Perets

WIFE killer Nathan Greenfield was sentenced to 10-years in jail for killing the mother of his children June Wallis in Pacific Haven in March 2015.

The delusional and jealous man attacked her after wrongfully believing he had seen a video of her having sex with other men.

He choked her inside their family home while repeatedly saying "I love you."

The mum-of-two was later discovered dead by her father in the ensuite bathtub.

An autopsy report revealed June had suffered broken ribs, a fractured thyroid, head and face injuries. It was unclear if the cause of death was strangulation or drowning.

June's family and friends came to the sentencing of Greenfield in Maryborough Supreme Court. He will be eligible for parole in 2022.



Man accused of being the real life bogeyman

Dwayne Ferguson of Kawungan leaves Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.
Dwayne Ferguson. Annie Perets

KAWUNGAN man Dwayne Ferguson stands accused of being a real life bogeyman, allegedly climbing through windows and molesting children as they slept.   

Three young girls were allegedly attacked by the 30-year-old, a complete stranger to them, while they slept in their own beds.  

He allegedly committed sexual offences on the children, all aged under 12, after breaking into random homes in the Hervey Bay region.  

Police allege he filmed himself abusing the girls and raped one of the victims.   

A public tip-off to police led to a search warrant being executed at Mr Ferguson's home in May, which allegedly uncovered suspicious media files.  

At the time of his arrest, detectives released pictures of children's bedside tables in the hope the parents of alleged victims would come forward.   

The case has been committed to the Hervey Bay District Court.



Bloody ending to Gumtree sale

Police at a crime scene in Mungara Court, Wondunna.
Police at the crime scene of an alleged attempted murder in Wondunna. Alistair Brightman

IN A CASE of an online transaction gone wrong, a 50-year-old man and his 82-year-old mother were allegedly stabbed by a man who came to their house to pick-up his purchase of a 3D printer.

It's alleged Lismore man Adam Curtis Brown attempted to slice the woman's throat as she ate breakfast.

The injured pair crawled into the streets while covered in blood in broad daylight and waved down motorists after being attacked.  

Mr Curtis drove away from the crime scene to Gatakers Landing Restaurant at Point Vernon where he was later arrested.

He is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The case is currently before the courts. 



Former Mayor Chris Loft charged by corruption watchdog 

Fraser Coast Regional Council mayor Chris Loft after his first court appearance.
Former Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft at his first court appearance. Alistair Brightman

FORMER mayor Chris Loft's court appearance in January last year can only be described as a media frenzy.

The public gallery was packed for his brief appearance in front of a magistrate, with dozens of people showing up in his support. 

He repeatedly said "good morning" as he entered and exited the courthouse to the reporters in attendance.

Some of Mr Loft's charges have been dropped since then.

In November in the Hervey Bay District Court, a case was presented on one charge of misconduct in a public office.

It will be alleged Mr Loft tried to get long-time offsider and family friend Brian Downie a job with the Fraser Coast Regional Council while he was mayor.

His trial on the matter has been scheduled for May. He also has some outstanding charges in the magistrate's court.



Grandma killed by disqualified driver while driving home from bingo

YOUNG KILLER: Brandon Pavey-Rees, 23, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for the manslaughter of Hervey Bay grandmother Janet Tucker, who was on her way home from bingo, during a 7km high speed rampage on April 15 2016. Pictured leaving Maryborough Supreme Court.
YOUNG KILLER: Brandon Pavey-Rees, 23, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for the manslaughter of Hervey Bay grandmother Janet Tucker, who was on her way home from bingo, during a 7km high speed rampage on April 15 2016. Pictured leaving Maryborough Supreme Court. Annie Perets

BRANDON Pavey-Rees was sentenced to 10 years for killing a grandmother on her way home from bingo during a high-speed rampage just hours after being released on parole for dangerous driving.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty in Maryborough Supreme Court to the manslaughter of Hervey Bay grandmother Janet Tucker on April 15, 2016.

Pavey-Rees is a "repeat offender" with a three-page driving history who has been disqualified three times in two years and was in jail for doing 120km/h in a 60km/h zone, evading police and dangerous driving while intoxicated.

When he was released from Maryborough Correctional Centre on parole shortly after 10am on April 15, 2016, he was picked up by his mum and taken back to their Hervey Bay caravan park home.

By 11.50am, Mrs Tucker, a Lifeline volunteer who had just finished playing bingo and was on her way home via the shops, had been killed.


Alleged top meth players arrested

Daryl David Hall posted this photo on Facebook, in which he is pictured holding gun which was seized as part of the search.
Daryl David Hall posted this photo on Facebook, in which he is pictured holding gun which was seized as part of the search. Facebook

DRAMATIC police raids at a Hervey Bay resort and a Booral home led to the arrest of five people accused of top players in the Fraser Coast meth trade. 

Alleged kingpins Daryl Hall and Ed Westphal were among them. The pair were arrested inside holiday units at Mantra Resort at the Urangan marina. 

Inside the adjoining units, police allegedly discovered amphetamine, associated paraphernalia, a shotgun, handgun and ammunition. 

Simultaneous raids at a home on Bingham Rd, Booral, which police will allege was central to the operation, allegedly uncovered more amphetamine, cannabis and associated drug paraphernalia.

There, Troy Nielson was arrested and charged with drug trafficking as well as 14 counts of supplying a dangerous drug.

The matters are currently before the courts. 



Inheritance left by deceased dad drained by ex-partner

A MARYBOROUGH mother was jailed for draining the inheritance left for two of her children.

The woman splurged about $130,000 on alcohol, gambling, and visiting a boyfriend in Canada from a trust fund meant for the man's daughters.  

Despite separating in 2002, the woman was still legally married to the man when he passed away in 2005 and was listed as the trustee of a trust fund he had set up.

She was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to fraud.   

The court heard money from the trust fund was "completely gone" and there was no prospect of its recovery.   



Former wildlife manager Ray Revill charged with animal cruelty

Ray Revill makes an appearance at Maryborough Magistrates Court over one charge of animal cruelty.
Ray Revill outside court. Annie Perets

FORMER Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary manager Ray Revill has been accused of violently killing a joey by throwing it to the ground.

It is alleged Mr Revill was caught on security cameras killing the young marsupial when he lifted the joey into the air before throwing it onto the concrete.

A volunteer was prompted to check CCTV footage after noticing the particular animal was missing from the sanctuary.

He has since been charged with animal cruelty.

Mr Revill has entered a not guilty plea with a trial expected to take place this year.

The sanctuary's committee have stood Mr Revill down from the manager's role - which he has held for about a decade.



Husband, 73, charged with torturing and killing wife

Gail and William Karran. William has been charged with more than 20 offences including manslaughter after Gail died November last year.
Gail and William Karran. William has been charged with more than 20 offences including manslaughter after Gail died November last year.

TWELVE months after a 66-year-old woman died quietly in a Hervey Bay hospital ward, police sensationally arrested and charged her retiree husband with manslaughter.

Detectives claim Gail Karran was tortured, held captive and dealt a deadly blow at the hands of 73-year-old William "Bill" Anthony Karran.   

The couple was well-known in the Central Queensland lawn bowls scene before moving to Hervey Bay.   

Following Gail's death in 2017, a photo of the couple was posted to the Central Queensland Bowls Memories page with the caption "Very sad to hear of the passing of former Gracemere and Diggers member Gail Karran. Our deepest sympathies go to Bill and the family. RIP".



Man charged with 600-plus child sex offences

A YOUNG Fraser Coast man is at the centre of a shocking child sex investigation which has led to more than 600 related charges.  

Police will allege William Glen Fissenden played a key role in an online child pornography network with at least two victims identified and a catalogue of images seized.   

The 19-year-old was the subject to an investigation by detectives from Taskforce Argos, the Queensland Police squad tasked with identifying alleged online predators.   

He faces a total of 651 charges. 

They include 234 counts of making child exploitation material and 99 counts of using a carriage service to distribute child exploitation material.  

He is also charged with 32 counts of indecent treatment of a child.   

The Chronicle can reveal at least one of the alleged victims lives in the US.   

The case is currently before the courts.



Granville siege starter's bizarre defence

Maryborough Police attended an alleged siege, blocking traffic from entering May St in Granville.
Police outside the siege in Granville. Boni Holmes

A SMALL home in Granville made headlines as a man believed to be wielding a gun hid inside in September.

A three-hour siege ensued as swarms of police officers armed with rifles and wearing bulletproof vests piled in.

The man responsible for the dramatic marathon, 54-year-old Lock Desmond Richter, claims he was oblivious to the fact that dozens of armed officers were outside his house.

Later, the gun which sparked the panic was confirmed as a fake.

Prior to the siege, Richter flaunted what appeared to be stainless steal handgun from a "Western movie" in front of a female neighbour while police officers were already at her house.

A court heard he had been using it to discipline his dog.

Richter was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended with an operational period of 18 months.



Glamour student's racially-charged assaults on emergency workers

SHOCKING ATTACK: Leilani Clarke assaulted a paramedic and spat on a police officer after calling them 'white dogs'.
Leilani Clarke was convicted four times last year for assaults on emergency service workers. Contributed

A YOUNG Butchulla woman made headlines across the country for crimes against emergency workers, before going on the Kyle and Jackie O Show to say her court appearances were nothing more than 'colonial propaganda.'

Leilani Opal Clarke was convicted four times last year for assaulting paramedics or police.

In one incident, the environmentalist spat on a police officer and shoved a male paramedic in an ambulance after screaming "f**k you white dogs. I'm smart not dumb".

She then shouted: "I got three more degrees than you'll ever have."

During her appearance on the national radio show, she admitted to not recalling most of her offending due to alcohol.