Patricia Smith and David Luckock got married at Flaxton Gardens, Sunshine Coast, on June 29, 2017.
Patricia Smith and David Luckock got married at Flaxton Gardens, Sunshine Coast, on June 29, 2017. Matt Williams

1400km roadtrip for a first date was worth it in the end

A SHARED love for camping and good conversation meant Patricia Smith and David Luckock were a match from the get go.

Living in remote areas and working in isolation meant they felt a lack of social connections and opportunities to get out there to find 'the one'.

After meeting on an online dating-app the pair talked for nine months over the internet and the phone before meeting in person.


Being a 14 hour drive apart from the New South Wales Queensland border town of Thargomindah to Ilbilbie south of Mackay they made their first date worthwhile and unusual. The approach proved to be a success for the couple that is now happily married.

School holidays had begun and Mrs Luckock packed the car and travelled all the way to Mr Luckock's property near Ilbilbie.

There were nerves and excitement when Mrs Luckock drove to a foreign place to spend a week camping with a man she had never met in person.

"We met on the corner of the highway because I had not been up there," Mrs Luckock said.

"I had phone reception the whole way. "I took the risk and never looked back."

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The date was the first one of many to follow and Mr Luckock had the camp site on his property set up for her arrival.

"We knew beforehand that it was going to work, we just had to make it happen," Mrs Luckock said.

"With online dating you are a bit nervous and dubious to take the risk."


David Luckock and Patricia Luckock at their wedding ceremony at Flaxton Gardens.
David Luckock and Patricia Luckock at their wedding ceremony at Flaxton Gardens. Matt Williams

Mr Luckock decided to make the move to Thargomindah for a seachange and career change. A diesel fitter by trade he now runs his own canvassing and leather work business in the country town where Mrs Luckock works as a teacher.

The proposal happened spontaneously over a lunch at Flaxton Gardens in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The couple was travelling from a family visit and decided to go to Montville to have lunch. The Flaxton Gardens restaurant was open so they stopped in.

The couple had previously spoken about getting married and Mrs Luckock had said that she wished for a rose gold ring.

The groom had the ring picked out and ordered and fact that had not arrived yet did not stop him from proposing in the spur of the moment.

"He said 'I don't have the ring yet but will you marry me' and I cried and he sat there laughing," Mrs Luckock said.

"He wasn't going to get the ring until mid January, it was a spur of the moment and he wasn't planning on it.

"It just happened it was the right timing."

The couple wedded at the same location eight months later on June 29, 2017 with an intimate ceremony. Guests came from Ingham, Hobart and Thargomindah.

The wedding was a special celebration not only for the couple said Mrs Luckock.

"Everyone in the family was there and it was special to both sides as we had a rough time in both of our families and instead of coming together for funerals we came together for a wedding and that made our day so much more special," she said.

"He is my yin and I am his yang, he calms me and I offer support when he needs it, our partnership works, when one is weak the other one is strong.

"It is just compatibility and open communication, I love everything about him.

"You just got to let it happen."

The couple has not been on a honeymoon so far as the bride had to get back to work, but they are enjoying being married.

"I love being married," Mrs Luckock said.

"The kids at school still struggle with my last name but it has been fabulous."

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