$15 pay rise for pensioners on way

PENSIONERS can expect an extra $15 in their pocket when government payments go up in line with inflation later this month.

The increase, part of the usual rises in fortnightly welfare payments, will be given to 3.6 million pensioners from March 20, with a later rise likely in September.

It will see the average base pension supplement go up $15.70 per payment, with similar rises for those on disability support pensions, carer payments and veterans' income support.

The rise is in line with a 1.9% rise in the consumer price index in the last half of 2013, and will give single pensioners an average $842 payment, with couple to get $1270.

Single Australians on the parenting payment (single) will also get and extra $13.50 a fortnight, to a total new rate of $725.10.