Rory McIlroy has recent history with unruly fans.
Rory McIlroy has recent history with unruly fans.

Fans on notice: Zero tolerance for catchcry prepetrators

DON'T shout "get in the hole" at Augusta.

It's the boorish cry of the masses at golf tournaments worldwide, but it's a definite no-no at the Masters.

Crowd behaviour became a hot topic after Rory McIlroy  won the Arnold Palmer invitational and said abundant alcohol at events was making barracking turn bad.

There are also reports, denied by anyone with an official role at Augusta, that a list outlining banned phrases has been circulated to security staff.

One phrase was said to be "dilly, dilly", which was made famous by a US beer commercial and became a common cheer at golf events.

So at Augusta, there's no thing specific you can't say. But in asking for "traditional customs of etiquette, decorum and behaviour", as per the spectator guide, officials are making it clear.

McIlory was only too happy to keep his campaign against all the "get in the hole" yellers going this week.

"I keep saying I'm all for people having a good time. That is what will bring more people into our game and into our sport. But sometimes you just have to remember that it's not quite a football match or a whatever," he said.

"But, look, it's not that dilly dilly, fine with me. I don't mind that. It's more when the comments get a little personal and they start to root against you and all that stuff. But it happens very, very rarely."

Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley, without declaring it, confirmed boorish behaviour was indeed a no-no at the Masters, and anyone who fell foul of the rules would quickly find themselves outside the gates

"If you open the patron guide, on the first page there's a full page that deals with patron etiquette and a very memorable quote from Bobby Jones. It's something really that's part of our culture," he said.

"We believe that it's important, not only here at the Masters, but in every tournament. I know there's been some incidents recently, but we take that part of our policies very seriously, and we will always take action to make sure that all of our policies are enforced, including that one."

Fans have been told to be respectful to Jordan Spieth and co.
Fans have been told to be respectful to Jordan Spieth and co.


For clarity, straight from the Patron Guide, it says: "Although cheering and positive patron responses to great play are encouraged, unsolicited or consistent calls from the gallery are prohibited."