Tiger Woods is planning to take a break.
Tiger Woods is planning to take a break.

No nerves. No pain. Tiger’s back in business

TIGER Woods walked off the 18th at Augusta with a smile on his face knowing at least one mission was accomplished.

In a rollercoaster round that included brilliance, like his pinpoint second shot to the 14th green, and bad bogeys, like his three putt on the 5th, Woods, a four-time Masters winner but playing the event for the first time in 1086 days, shot a one-under 73.

That he posted a number at all was a big win as he chugged ibuprofen all day, under instructions from the surgeon who did his spinal fusion just last year.

"I played in a major championship again," Woods said.

"But also the fact … I got myself back in this tournament, and I could have easily let it slip away. And I fought hard to get it back in there, and I'm back in this championship. There's a lot of holes to be played."

Woods is returning after four back surgeries, the most recent being his spinal fusion.

His surgeon told him to take ibuprofen "all day".

But he said he's got no physical excuses not to push further in to a tournament many expected him to win.

Golf's man of steel also showed no sign or nerves, and declared the massive galleries that flocked to see him, as they did for so long, didn't impact him at all.

"I actually felt pretty good. My practice sessions have been really, really good. And my play coming into this event has been pretty solid. So the nerves really were just normal," he said.

"I wasn't flying high. I wasn't jittery, I wasn't any of that stuff. I was very confident in what I was doing."

He's not on top of the leaderboard down at tied for 29th, but Woods knows you can't win the masters in the first round, and he's confident he'll be around for three more.

"There are a lot of guys right around 2 over par, and that will be close to four or five at the end of the day," he said.

" It's going to be packed, we knew that. The weather is going to change. It will be fun the next 54 holes."