The HMAS Tobruk.
The HMAS Tobruk.

5 locations explored as potential dive sites for HMAS Tobruk

FIVE potential dive sites that could accommodate the wreck of the Tobruk have been identified around the 25-fathom hole between Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

A spokesman from the HMAS Tobruk advisory committee said the locations had been chosen because it was one of the few spots that was deep enough, had enough visibility and was out of professional and amateur fishing zones.

The five potential sites will be investigated for suitability next week ahead of the September 16 deadline for applications.

The HMAS Tobruk is set to be scuttled in one of five locations near the marked spot above. Bree Anderson

The successful tender for the Tobruk will be announced on September 23.

The spokesman said a flat sandy bottom was required to ensure the longevity of the site, as it could break up more quickly than anticipated if the seabed was uneven or rocky.

"It's important that we get the most out of this investment,” he said.

The spokesman said the depth of the site needed to be between 27 to 30 metres.

He said the Tobruk wreck could last for up to 30 years and possibly longer if it was sunk in the Great Sandy Strait, thanks to the protection it would have from Fraser Island.

The spokesman said the cost of scuttling the Tobruk in the Wide Bay would be between $5 and $8 million.

The main competition the region faced in securing the wreck was from Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

The spokesman said Woodgate and Burrum Heads had been marked as potential areas where businesses could successfully operate dives to the wreck, as well as Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

He said there were plans to offer tourism packages for people who wanted to explore both the HMAS Brisbane wreck off Mooloolaba and the Tobruk.

He said a museum containing artefacts from the Tobruk could be another potential source of income for the region.