Shop locally to win one of five $1000 vouchers

EDITORIAL: We could all do with a financial break as Christmas rushes towards us - our local shop owners included.

A harsh economic climate and the lure of dodgy internet deals from China are taking their toll on what is traditionally the busiest time of year for small business owners.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

By shopping locally, everyone benefits.

You're getting a product you can trust and keeping your credit card details safe, and you're also putting money into the Fraser Coast economy where it will flow on through our community in terms of wages, extra jobs and further spending.

The Fraser Chronicle is proud to be a local business, founded in Maryborough in 1860, and we're also dedicated to supporting the Fraser Coast's businesses.

We believe that what goes around, comes around.

That is why we're putting up $5000 to be won by our readers to spend in one of 76 local shops - in the largest "shop local" promotion in the region.

So when you're thinking about what should go under your Christmas tree, think about where you can get it locally.

Not only will you be supporting your fellow Fraser Coast residents, but you could also land a windfall to make your Christmas a little bit more special.

Good luck!