John Farnham in Toowoomba for The Carnival of Flowers in 1968
John Farnham in Toowoomba for The Carnival of Flowers in 1968 The Chronicle Archives

51-year-old Farnham photo sparks search for woman

A REUNION between John Farnham and a Toowoomba fan could be on the cards, as the music legend returns to the Garden City after more than 50 years.

Farnham was in Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers back in 1968, when he was just 19-years-old.

Johnny Farnham, as he was most commonly known back then, had burst onto the music scene as a teen pop idol one year earlier.

His song Sadie the Cleaning Lady became the biggest-selling single in Australia at the time.

Fans, in particular teenage girls, responded to Farnham's bright boy-next-door personality, and Toowoomba was lucky enough to have the music sensation attend the Carnival of Flowers.

John Farnham stole the show in Noosa for The Red Hot Summer Tour.
MUSIC LEGEND: John Farnham is the carnival's major music star. Michelle Cop

Now, 51 years later, he is returning as the major music star of the Heritage Bank Festival of Food and Wine, and The Chronicle wants to reunite him with an old fan.

In a September 1968 issue of The Chronicle, we ran a photo of Farnham signing the arm of a teenage girl among a carnival crowd.

We want to find this woman, who would now be in her 60s or 70s, and hopefully reunite the pair.

The photo came to light as our photographer Bev Lacey sorted through The Chronicle archives recently, finding images to put towards Grand Central's photographic displays celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chronicle Garden Competition and the Carnival of Flowers.

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Since his first visit to Toowoomb,a Farnham has gone on to be Australia's most successful solo artist, on-stage and on record, and with his return less than one month away The Chronicle is asking the woman or anyone who knows the woman in the photo to come forward.

Farnham will take the main stage at the Heritage Bank Festival of Food and Wine on Sunday, September 22 at 7.45pm.

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