52 people facing Gympie court today

THE following people are facing charges in Gympie Magistrates Court today, Monday January 25, 2021:


Bartlett, Tiffany Lea

Bazzan, Peter Ross

Boole, Tristin Reginal

Brennan, Ramona Leigh, Miss

Brown, Alfred John

Brown, James Nicholas Robert

Burgess, Alyce Maree

Caulfield, Nathan John

Chalkley, James Michael

Coyne, Michael Carswell

Cummings, Sammie Lorraine

Doran, Helen Rachael

Doyle, Conan Lee

Dyhrberg, Trent Edward, Mr

Ferron, Livia

Forshey, Dean Richard, Mr

Fox, Dominic James-Torretto

Gardiner, Ross Ian

Gibson, Phillip Maxwell

Glanz, Amanda Joy

Godden, Bruce Andrew

Haderup, Jake James

Jacobson, Jayden Anthony

King, Brent Anthony

Kross, Thomas Roy


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Le Du, Justin Andre

Livesley, Rory Ethan, Mr

Maher, Jasminum Veronica, Miss

Mcgrath, Kerry Lee, Mr

Merchant, Karla Nita Joy, Miss

Moulden, Anthony Mark

Munn, Peter Timothy

Norman, Stephen James, Mr

Orr, Anthony Raymond

Pender, Kim Lee

Prince, Darcy-James, Mr

Saurine, Kalabe John Steven

Shipp, James Edward

Smith, Matthew James

Smith, Zane Ryan

Spies, Michael John

Swan, Annemarie

Tanna, Sarah Lucy

Tickner, Ben Stephen, Mr

Tickner, Gabe Ian, Mr

Tramacchi, Terrence Michael Francis

Trask, Scott William

Wadley, Hayden Clifford, Mr

Wise, Justin Raymond

Wolf, Moritz Alexander

Wyborn, Peggy Louise

Zelow, Zoe Renea Louise, Miss



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