A quick guide on being king of your castle

ALL of us mums and dads have those days where you feel like the unpaid help is taken for granted, where the house doesn't seem to stay tidy and the dinner needs to be cooked again. Here are some tips on how to take control of the situation by approaching your position like a home manager - not housewife.

Know your position. You are a home manager, not a slave, martyr or responder to chaos. Each day is a fresh start with new things to accomplish and feel pride for.

Realise your importance. Actively managing your home is one way to nurture your family. There will be positive reflections: a more harmonious household, a little more eagerness attending to chores, more appreciation and gratitude.

Be proactive. It's easy to get sucked into despair (and resentment) when your home is in constant shambles. Keep on top of things daily if possible, and work in chunks of time on busy days.

Establish routines. Remember Mondays for laundry, Tuesdays for ironing, Thursdays for shopping, etc. Routines work and work well! Schedule household routines that will serve your household best.

Clean as you go. Pick up and clean as you go. This makes less "piles" of work waiting to be done.

Appreciate your home. The shabbiest of homes can be more comfortable and welcoming than gilded show homes. Neat, clean and harmonious homes will always shine bright. Appreciate your home and what it has to offer.

Daily treat for someone. Each day, do an unexpected nice thing for someone in the home (like having coffee ready in the morning or make a favourite dessert).

Be Kind. Gruff, impatient, bitter, biting words and attitude will undo and damage all that you accomplished with the above. Enjoy serving your family, your home and yourself.