Judge sends a message with punishment for would-be escapees

A JUDGE told two men who tried to escape from the Caboolture Watchhouse their actions were an affront to authorities and he needed to send a clear message it would not be tolerated.

Judge Gary Long said the violent attack on officers trying to stop their escape also needed a discernible response because police should be protected while doing their duty.

Because Akira Caley George Williams, 21, and Callan James Hughes, 28, were on parole for other offences when they were caught driving around in a stolen car, doing petrol drive-offs and tried to escape, the cumulative sentencing process was complicated.

Broken down to its simplest form, Hughes was sentenced to an extra 15 months jail, which begins when he finishes the two-year jail sentence he is serving and means his full-time release date would be January 16, 2016.

But he will be eligible to apply for parole on December 5 this year.

Williams was sentenced to two years jail, which he begins when he finishes an 18-month jail term and means his full-time release date would be November 17, 2015.

But he can begin his paperwork for release immediately after receiving a parole eligibility date for Friday.

Hughes got a lesser sentence because he did not actively participate in assaulting a police officer in the watchhouse in November, 2012.


Hughes: Criminal history began at age 17 when he fractured another person's jaw in multiple places and punched another in the face several times. Botched a bank heist at Ipswich. History of drugs, property and street offences, as well as breaching court orders.

Williams: Criminal history began at age 14 which resulted in a detention order. Continued to offend, mostly property offences, until he was done for the taxi driver armed robbery and dangerous driving. After release he continued stealing cars and petrol drive-offs.