Lonely hearts get more desperate for dates over Christmas

DATING sites are likely in the middle of a holiday frenzy as lonely singles search for their perfect matches online.

New data analysis from dating platform Zoosk shows a big spike can be expected in sign-ups and member messages between Christmas and the new year.

Zoosk analysed last year's figures and found sign-ups jumped 11% in the holiday period, there was a predictable 19% drop in member messages on Christmas Day, a 12% spike in messaging rates on Boxing Day and a 13% upsurge on January 1.

Messages increased 18% in the year's first fortnight.

Celebrity relationship therapist Dr Mike Dow said the pattern all came down to human nature.

"Holidays like Christmas are times where loved ones come together to celebrate," he said.

"This can lead to reminding people about their desire to share special occasions with a partner.

"It's human nature to want to share fun experiences with someone who has similar interests and values, and this feeling is often heightened around the festive season."