A proposal for a cruise terminal at North Kirra has proven controversial.
A proposal for a cruise terminal at North Kirra has proven controversial.

Paddle out to protest against Kirra cruise ship terminal

CHAMPION surfers Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson will add impetus to the "Paddle Out" protest at North Kirra as the local community takes a stand against the proposed $2 billion cruise ship port near Kirra Beach.

The Ocean Terminal Project, which has the firm support of the Gold Coast Council and tourism authorities, is not looked on favourably by locals who fear the environmental impact on their beloved beaches.

"My favourite wave in the world is Kirra," said Fanning.

"So when I heard about the proposed cruise ship terminal, my first thought was we're going to lose one of the greatest surf destinations on earth.

"This development is wrong on so many levels and I hope people who share my view make their voices heard and join the resistance."

The project does not seem to have found favour with the Queensland government either with Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney this week revealing there were significant issues surrounding the proposed terminal.

"They are significant issues, I would not say they are insurmountable, but they are certainly significant issues and whether or not the risks can be managed to an appropriate degree is really the additional information I have sought and that decision on whether or not or how we proceed, will be for Cabinet to decide," he said.

The paddle out protest is planned for January 19.