Thousands of Aussies travelled on doomed AirAsia plane

THOUSANDS of Australians travelled on a defective Indonesia AirAsia plane in the 12 months before it plunged into the Java Sea in 2014 killing all 162 on board.

The ABC's Foreign Correspondent program asked aviation experts to establish the flight paths of the plane while it had an unrepaired mechanical fault with its rudder limiter.

The program, screened last night, also raised allegations of corruption within Indonesia's civil aviation authority.

The investigation into the crash found it was not the defect that caused the Airbus 320 to stall at high altitude, but the crew's reaction to a warning alarm.

Australia's aviation watchdog, CASA, says it has increased spot checks on Indonesian planes.

AirAsia says it has improved pilot training and maintenance standards since the crash, but there are calls for Indonesian airlines to be banned from Australia until they pass an international safety audit.