Spicey and Inge Hike on an outing to Burgberg mountain.
Spicey and Inge Hike on an outing to Burgberg mountain. Contributed

A big adventure for a little dog

MY name is Spicey, a 16-year old Foxie Cross, and this is my story.

I was rescued from death row by 4Paws Rescue Sunshine Coast five years ago.

Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine that a few years down the track I would be going on a European holiday.

I was with a foster mother when this woman came by to pick up another dog.

But I was faster and jumped on that woman's lap and the foster mother told her that she would be grateful if she could take me, as I was a handful!

I jumped into the lady's car and haven't looked back.

My new foster mother was supposed to look after me for four months but, well, I made sure she wouldn't give me away and so she decided to adopt me.

I had a wonderful time being walked every morning, good healthy home-cooked food and a wonderful cosy bed.

Then one day I saw this big kennel being delivered and I saw trouble! My mother put a beautiful lamb rug in it but I couldn't be convinced to get in it.

The day came and they just put me into the kennel and the big adventure began.

I was put aboard a plane but unfortunately they put me with the luggage. I wasn't impressed.


My Story - Spicey
Spicey and Inge rugged up for winter in Bad Harzburg. Contributed

We flew to Dubai where I stayed for 10 hours in the airport kennel lounge and met lots of other dogs from all over the world.

I told them that I came from Australia, where they have kangaroos and they all wanted to come and visit.

From Dubai we went on to Frankfurt where I was greeted by Germans (thank God I understood German, as my mother is German and taught me a lot) in the animal lounge.

Finally, after all the documentation, they let me out. Wasn't I excited to see my mum again!

She looked quite distressed, probably worried about me, but I felt terrific.

From there we went by car to Goslar, a lovely medieval town, where we went to an Italian restaurant. You wouldn't believe it, they offered me chicken.


My Story - Spicey
Spicey got to experience a whole different world in Europe. Contributed

I thought "well, that's a pretty good country and I'll stay here for a while".

We arrived in summer, not as hot as our summers here in Australia.

We hiked in the mountains, caught buses and trains, and I was always allowed to look out the window.

After two weeks the summer came to an end, and the season changed to autum and then winter.

I ran through the coloured leaves but the greatest fun was running through all this white stuff they called snow.

My mum bought me a warm winter coat and all my doggie friends thought I looked very European. Fancy that!


My Story - Spicey
Spicey met some amazing people. Contributed

My mum's friends all had little dogs and they met every evening for a glass of wine at an Italian restaurant and afterwards we all went for a long walk through the parks, as it was light until 10pm in summer.

After 12 months my mum decided to pack our bags and return to Australia.

Again, I had a very exciting trip.

They picked me up and drove me to Amsterdam and from there I flew to Hong Kong, spent 10 hours there, and then onto Melbourne where I was picked up by quarantine officers.

I had to stay for 10 days in quarantine until I was finally put on the flight to Brisbane. I was beside me to be back in Australia and flew into my mum's arms.


My Story - Spicey
Spicey the rescue dog and his owner Inge Rheinberger back home in Australia after their adventure. Contributed

We now have settled back into the daily routine of beach walks, good food and fun.

Sometimes I think I was dreaming. Did it really happen?

Me, a rescue dog from 4Paws winning the lottery by meeting this woman who became my mum.

She was the best traveling compagnion I could imagine and I think she feels the same.

So please guys, don't shop but adopt and you will have an ever grateful friend.