TRAILBLAZER: Luke Sicker becomes the first person this season in AFL Wide Bay to kick 100 goals for the season in the league.
TRAILBLAZER: Luke Sicker becomes the first person this season in AFL Wide Bay to kick 100 goals for the season in the league. Brian Cassidy

A DOG HAS HIS CENTURY DAY OUT: Sicker reaches milestone

AUSSIE RULES: It might have taken a while to be official, but Brothers Bulldogs coach Luke Sicker joined an exclusive club on Saturday.

Sicker became the first player in AFL Wide Bay to kick 100 goals this season after kicking 22 majors during the Bulldogs 251-point win over Maryborough.

The coach went from 80 at the start of the game to 102.

But when the official results were put up on Sunday there were three goals missing with Sicker registered with 19.

"Yeah I don't know what happened but we got the secretary on to it today (Monday),” he said.

"I definitely got to 102 and the milestone.”

The scoring was changed late yesterday afternoon with Sicker officially given 22 goals.

He brought up the mark in the final term with his teammates getting around him when he kicked number 100.

"We worked out I was at 19 at three-quarter time,” he said.

"They worked it out and made sure we got the milestone and celebrated when it happened. "It's something I'm really proud of and I'll remember it more no doubt when I retire and get older.”

The milestone was the perfect end to the day for the side.

The Bulldogs moved a game and percentage clear of The Waves in fourth, the last finals spot, after the Eagles lost to Bay Power by 18 points.

Brothers is now 8 per cent clear of The Waves in for and against after gaining 20 per cent in the Bears win.

The Waves must now beat Gympie at Six Mile Oval, hope Brothers lose to Hervey Bay and gain the percentage back between the two sides to make the finals.

If Brothers win they are in regardless of what happens.

"It's within striking distance now we've narrowed the equation down to getting one more game to win,” Sicker said.

"We're pretty excited and we'll be pretty confident we can beat Hervey Bay.

"We've lost one game all season at home and beaten the Bombers here already.”

Sicker said the side did not gain much from the hit-out against the Bears but was confident the past month had put them in good stead.

"We tried to keep things similar down in Maryborough,” he said.

"It's the first time we've won three in a row this season so we're really confident.”

Sicker also revealed the club helped Maryborough by allowing the team to use some of the Bulldogs reserves to play.

The side plays Hervey Bay this Saturday at 3pm.

There will be more from The Waves' perspective later this week in the NewsMail.