Bible controversy sparks review

A HERVEY Bay woman who slammed her daughter's school for allowing Bibles to be handed out at assembly is at the centre of Education Queensland's review of the state's religious instruction policy.

Birgette Linding says she sent her child to Urangan State High School because Hervey Bay did not offer non-religious private education.

She was horrified when she discovered her daughter was among the Year 8 students who received a Gideon Bible at assembly.

She also said she offered to organise for the Koran and Buddhist texts to be handed out to students as an example of state school's not favouring one religion, but was denied.

In a statement to a metropolitan newspaper, Education Queensland director general Julie Grantham said the Religious Instruction in School Hours policy was being reviewed, with clearer guidelines.

She acknowledged parents had not been advised of the Gideons International visit despite a department policy stating they should be informed of any activity with religious content.

She said principals could be misled by the longstanding tradition of visits by Gideon's International to state schools.

She also said the department's acceptance of the practice amounted to a tacit approval reasonably relied upon by the principal of the school.