Young voters could have huge impact - but only if they vote

EDITORIAL: According to new survey data from The Australia Institute, young voters' priorities are jobs, rental housing, university funding and marriage equality.

A couple of million young people could have a huge impact on the result of the federal election - but only if they actually vote.

With an estimated half a million young Australians not registered to vote, our democracy has a problem.

Previous research from the institute found that 1.2 million young people - or 47% - felt no party represented them.

Of those, 15% were disinterested in politics.

If you know someone like that, here are some words to pass on to them from a couple of their 20-something peers, posted on Facebook (of course):

"I'm no fan of the two major parties either, but you live in this world.

"I don't care if you find the parties 'uninteresting'.

You travel on our roads, pay taxes, and live in our society, and you have a damn responsibility to vote.

"A politician is just a vehicle.

"We fill it, we fuel it, we steer it and sometimes we get out and push.

"Voting is easy.

"And it is the most effective form of protest I know. Sometimes they sell cupcakes near the booths.

"It couldn't hurt."

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