EDITORIAL: A privilege to serve the Fraser Coast

EDITORIAL: It's been an exciting ride to get to this point in my career, and being appointed editor of the Fraser Coast Chronicle is a proud moment indeed.

It's a privilege to lead such a hard-working, dedicated and talented team - some of our editorial staff have been at the Chronicle for several decades and still remain as passionate and enthusiastic about their work as ever, while other staff are just starting out in what I'm sure will be stellar careers.

But I consider this the start of a new adventure rather than the pinnacle.

The power of media has only grown with the advent of digital news, and I take my position at the helm extremely seriously.

As I'm sure people who read this column are sick of hearing, I love the Fraser Coast, from Aldershot to Yengarie, Bauple to Walliebum.

I love the scenery, the events, the climate, the architecture (and I admit, I do particularly like the often-quirky place names).

But most of all I love the people, so I want to make sure that your voices are heard by those who matter, and that we're telling the stories that matter to you.

The Chronicle must not only listen to what the community is saying, but accurately reflect it, and where we can, ensure action is taken.

If you've got a burning issue to discuss, write me a letter, send an email to editorial@frasercoast chronicle.com.au or call 4120 1000.