Teenager with handcuffs.
Teenager with handcuffs.

‘ABSURD’ ASSAULT: Teen handcuffed by boot camp leader

A TEENAGER was left traumatised after being handcuffed for several hours because he fled from a military-style boot camp in the Tamborine Mountains.

Tony Robert Jamieson, 51 pleaded guilty in Maryborough District Court earlier this week to charges of assault and being in possession of handcuffs.

Jamieson had been working at the camp that aimed to help troubled and disadvantaged children in January last year when the incident occurred.

Judge David Reid heard the 14-year-old boy ran away when he was told he would have to sleep outside as punishment for not wanting to participate in the program.

Jamieson and another man later found the boy near his home.

The boy was handcuffed before being loaded into their vehicle.

Judge Reid said the whole situation was absurd.

“Why would you even need to handcuff him?” he asked.

He said the matter was made worse because the men lost the keys and had to drive to a police station to have the handcuffs removed from the boys arms.

Crown prosecutor Natalie Lima handed up photos of the boy’s bruised wrists.

Lima said Jamieson had also pressed his knee into the complainant’s back.

Defence barrister Clare Hurley said her client had acted in the heat of the moment.

Judge Reid said there was clearly a lack of training for the staff.

While sentencing Jamieson, Judge Reid said the boy’s mother was concerned he had become more troubled and battled to trust people.

Jamieson was sentenced to 240 hours community service to be completed within 12 months.