Accused of bashing Muslims: 'I don't see any problem'

A WOMAN who allegedly bashed four Muslim students for wearing hijabs in central Sydney said: "I don't see anything wrong with that" when she appeared in court.

Maria Wilson, 39, is accused of setting upon and punching the women, all of who were students of the inner-city University of Technology, just after 1.40pm yesterday.

The women, two aged 18, a 19-year-old and a 23-year-old were allegedly subjected to a 10-minute attack by Ms Wilson.

And as a magistrate labelled the alleged attack "serious" and "unprovoked" in Central Court today, Ms Wilson interrupted, demanding there was nothing wrong with hitting Muslims.

"Only thing I did was ... hit a Muslim. I don't see any problem with that," she said, appearing from the cells via audio-visual link.

And as her Legal Aid solicitor Vanya Hampel addressed talked about Ms Wilson's mental health assessment, she interrupted again.

"Excuse me, why you say today I was unwell, I really don't feel unwell," she said.

"I didn't say anything wrong to any question the doctor give me."

She was charged with two counts each of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and common assault for her alleged attacks on the women.

But the assessment maintained Ms Wilson, who told police she was a journalism student with large debts who had been cut off from Centrelink, was ill under the Mental Health Act and she will be assessed again in hospital before the matter proceeds.

Court documents show she was also forthcoming to police about her motives.

"The accused's motivation was hatred to Muslims ... the accused stated she hated Muslims," the documents said.

Mariam Veiszadeh from the Islamophobia Register Australia reacted saying violent acts against Australian Muslims were on the rise.

"Australian Muslim women in hijab often bear the brunt of Islamophobia," Ms Veiszadeh said.