Reece Parke gives the middle finger as he is lead into the police station.
Reece Parke gives the middle finger as he is lead into the police station. Marnie Johnston

SECRET TAPE: Accused animal torturer 'dobs' in mate

Wednesday 2.47pm: ACCUSED animal torturer Brad Presbury 'dobbed' in his mate Reece Parke over the December 13 animal atrocities at Nimbin's Djanbung Gardens in a phone call secretly recorded by two female acquaintances.

During the phone call Presbury denied his involvement in the incident but said "I know who it was" and mentioned "Reece" on two occasions after being pressed on the matter.

Presbury said he was with Parke on the night before the incident but denied going to the permaculture farm, saying "I didn't kill nothing".

He said Parke and another man were doing some "f**ked up shit".

Presbury, 22, and Parke, 23, are charged with two counts each of animal torture and cruelty over the incident on the night of December  13 last year in Nimbin

The phone call is considered crucial evidence in the prosecution case.

It was ruled admissible by Magistrate Annette Sinclair in today's hearing despite an application by the accused men's lawyers to have it excluded.

Solicitors Tom Ivey and Tracey Randall, representing Presbury and Parke respectively, argued it was illegally recorded and unreliable.

Ms Randall said Presbury was an incompetent witness and it was "inherently unfair" to use any evidence extracted from him against her client.

Mr Ivey said the phone call was illegally recorded and was a "complete set up".

He pointed to the  "social media chatter" about Parke and Presbury's involvement in the crimes that was circulating in the days prior to the phone call.

Called to the witness box, Presbury said he lied about Park's involvement during the call.

Asked if he had any evidence that Parke was involved in the crimes, he said "none".

The court also heard evidence that the two men had been drinking at the Nimbin Hotel on the night of December 13 before returning to a friend's house nearby for more drinks.

Witnesses told police that Parke was seen carrying knives or cane cutter at some point during the evening.

Senior Constable Matthew Williams, who attended the permaculture farm the day after the slaughter, have evidence that the most of the dead chickens had been decapitated by "something sharp".

In a subsequent search warrant of a Nimbin home, police seized the clothing and shoes Presbury was wearing on the night of December 13 but the court heard they found no evidence of blood or other forensic material on it.

The hearing was adjourned until Monday where it is due for a mention in Lismore Local Court.
Parke, who is being held on remand, will apply for bail.



Wednesday 9.23am: TWO men accused of killing 10 chickens and torturing a pig will face a Local Court hearing in Lismore today.

Bradley Presbury enters court at Lismore Court House.
Bradley Presbury enters court at Lismore Court House. Northern Star


Reece Parke, 23, and Bradley Presbury, 22, are charged with two counts each of torture, beating, and causing the death of an animal.

Parke has been refused bail since his arrest in December last year and is being held on remand.

Presbury was granted Supreme Court bail in Sydney earlier this month after appealing to the higher court.

Brad Presbury. Image: Facebook.
Brad Presbury. Image: Facebook.

Police allege the men killed 10 heritage chickens and tortured a pet pig at the Nimbin permaculture college and farm, Djanbung Gardens, on the night of December 13 last year.

On the morning of Thursday December 14 staff at the farm found the carcasses of the slaughtered chickens and the wounded pig, Polly, which had sustained external and internal injuries.

After an investigation the two men were arrested a week later at their Teven residence.

More updates on the hearing as they come to hand.