Chris Moore - owner of the old flour mill site on Kent St in Maryborough.
Chris Moore - owner of the old flour mill site on Kent St in Maryborough. Alistair Brightman

'Acknowledge history, move forward': Developer's arch plea

THE future of the old flour mill site in Maryborough, is expected to be back before next week's council meeting and the Chronicle wants to hear from the Fraser Coast community about what should happen next. 

The historic arch continues to be the source of contention and ultimately, decisions on what should happen with it will likely determine whether the development goes ahead.

Here's what Chris Moore, the owner of the site, had to say in a letter to the Chronicle this week  

"LET US acknowledge history and move forward.  

The old flour mill was dismantled because it was a public safety issue (watch the demolition video here), not economical to repair, and this was supported by a structural engineers report.   

We, including FCRC all knew it was unsafe.   

Now the arch has been identified as unsafe through two structural engineers reports using the latest X-ray technology.  This is known by many including FCRC, our local State member and QLD Workplace Health and Safety.

It continues to be a risk to public safety, and when it falls Kent St will most likely take the impact.  

It is evident that the small amount of reinforcing in the arch has been affected by water and is rusting causing cracks and further deterioration. 

The cost of repair is exorbitant and this makes the difference between being a commercially viable project, or just another vacant block in Maryborough, noting that just eight people opposed its removal. 

Arch de Triumphe - (L) Anna Chilton, Tina Souvlis and Claire Preston have won in their campaign to preserve the flour mill archway. Photo: Cody Fox
The team at Tina Souvlis Outdoor Living and Design in Maryborough have been among locals campaigning to preserve the arch Cody Fox

At a time when over one million people are out of work and debt is increasing, with FCRC acknowledging the economy is bad, and will get worse, isn't it time to consider removing this dangerous structure and deteriorating fence, and allow a multi-million-dollar joint venture development that will have features sympathetic to the site history.

Come on Maryborough, let's think forward."

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