Adani CEO Lucas Dow.
Adani CEO Lucas Dow.

Shelving of Adani airstrip takes toll on jobs

TOWNSVILLE will remain a hub for Adani's Carmichael Project workforce but past job guarantees have been lost.

Last week Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow announced plans for an airstrip at the mine had been shelved meaning no cash investment would be required from the Townsville and Rockhampton councils.

As part of an $18.5 million commitment, Townsville City Council signed an arrangement with Adani to ensure 750 local residents secure a mine job. A further 150 were also locked in at Adani's headquarters in South Townsville.

Now the airstrip has been put off and the councils' investment no longer required, Townsville's Adani job numbers are uncertain.

The mine will now be rolled out in a gradual construction approach with the first part of that process still creating thousands of jobs, however, it is unclear how many of those will be for Townsville residents.

"In the initial ramp up and construction phase there will be more than 1500 direct jobs on the mine and rail project and thousands of indirect jobs especially in places like Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay and the Isaac region," Mr Dow said.

"Further jobs will be created as the mine capacity grows.

"Every job will be a new job in regional Queensland that didn't exist before.

"These new jobs are not coming at the expense of jobs elsewhere in Australia as we will be selling into new markets for Australian coal."

Mr Dow said Townsville and Rockhampton would remain the primary source for employees on the Carmichael Project.

"We look forward to seeing Rockhampton and Townsville thrive," he said.

"They are both vibrant communities with a great lifestyle and community spirit."

It is understood funding for future airport requirements will be the subject of future discussions.