CLEAN: The couple's 14-week-old baby tested negative to drugs when it was born.
CLEAN: The couple's 14-week-old baby tested negative to drugs when it was born. file

Addict pleads for normal life after drug bust in motel

"WE JUST want to get off the gear and a have a normal life".

That was the desperate plea from a Bundaberg drug addict to police officers after they caught him with drugs.

Donald Henry Simpson, 43, and Allanah Jean Bartley, 29 were sitting in a Bundaberg motel room with loaded syringes when police arrived at the door.

Crown prosecutor David Finch said a search of the room on May 25 last year found 0.711g of pure methylamphetamine and 32g of marijuana.

The couple pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court today to two counts each of possessing a dangerous drug and one count each of supplying a dangerous drug.

They also both pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a bong and Bartley had a further charge of possessing a glass pipe.

The court heard that the couple admitted to police to having recently sold 0.2g of methylamphetamine for $200.

There were text messages on Simpson's phone indicating the sale was not an isolated incident.

Defence barrister Claire Boothman told the court the couple had a 14-week-old baby.

"The child, when born, was voluntarily placed into child safety for three weeks for the purpose for some drug tests on the baby," Ms Boothman said.

"Those drug tests revealed there was no drugs in the baby's system."

Ms Boothman said the couple had both co-operated with police, and had taken positive steps in their rehabilitation with no reoffending in the past 12 months.

He also submitted three letters supporting the couple's rehabilitation - two from the IWC and one from the couple's child safety officer.

It was at this point Judge Brian Devereaux interjected regarding the child safety officer's letter.

"It is one of the best written letters I have ever received," he said.

"There is no jargon and I think no mistakes."

While Judge Devereaux praised the couple for their efforts to give up drugs he spoke of the seriousness of the offence.

"Methylamphetamine is a schedule one drug and it's a scourge in the community," he said.

"The changes you've made are significant and all indications are it will continue into the future."

The couple were sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment with immediate parole.