AFL countdown clock set to be trialled at game

TIME could be running out for players who take too long to have a shot at goal, with a 15-second shot clock to be introduced for the remaining NAB Challenge matches at Etihad Stadium.

A 30-second limit was introduced in 2006, but the trial, set to start in tomorrow night's game between Hawthorn and St Kilda (pictured), will see a countdown clock appear on the scoreboard once the controlling umpire gives the player a 15-second warning. If it reaches zero before the shot at goal is taken, play on will be called. The countdown clock is one of several initiatives being trialled at Etihad Stadium before the season kicks off.

Explanations of free kicks will be broadcast during scoreboard replays, while the umpire's verdict during score reviews will be broadcast on the ground's public address system. Five games will be played at the venue in the final round of NAB Challenge matches.