Kym Sims takes a strong overhead mark for Bay Power.
Kym Sims takes a strong overhead mark for Bay Power. Brian Cassidy

BANNED: Two players suspended for AFL race row

TWO players have been suspended over racist comments on a Hervey Bay AFL field in a show of solidarity against discrimination in sport.  

An AFL Queensland spokesperson confirmed the players were suspended after Bay Power player Kym Sims was told "get off the ground you fat f***ing Asian c***" during a heated scuffle with Hervey Bay Bombers players on Saturday, June 22.   

Umpires were forced to break up players and restore order on the field during the round 12 clash.   Mr Sims, the league's leading goal-scorer, immediately left the field after the altercation.  

AFL Wide Bay received two complaints of racial vilification.  

After investigating, one Bombers player received a three-match ban while the other was suspended for a week.  

The decision was handed down at a hearing on Friday night.  

It was determined at the hearing that breaches of the AFL National Vilification and Discrimination Policy had occurred during the game.  

The spokesperson said the decision demonstrated AFL Queensland's hard-line stance against racism.  "AFL Queensland is united in condemning racial abuse and committed to our vision of making AFL the most progressive and accessible team sport in Queensland," they said.

President of AFL Wide Bay Anthony Stothard agreed with the statement issued by AFL Queensland.  

"I totally agree, there is no place for this type of behaviour in sport or in society," Mr Stothard said.  

Bay Power representatives were contacted but declined to comment.  

Hervey Bay Bombers representatives could not be reached at the time of going to press.