The Hotplate contestants Conrad and Liam.
The Hotplate contestants Conrad and Liam. Effi Cohen

Alarm bells for Hotplate’s Conrad and Liam

CHANNEL 9 might be in hot water over The Hotplate, but for tonight at least the show's dramas remained on the small screen.

Outspoken contestants Conrad and Liam ate humble pie tonight when their private dinner preparations fell into chaos.

After being highly critical of their fellow teams, the duo's Asian fusion menu "collapsed under the weight of its own ambition" to quote judge Tom Parker Bowles.

Hosting a private dinner at their Mandurah café Duck Duck Moose, the pair quickly succumbed to the stress during their preparation time when they couldn't locate ingredients and Conrad struggled with everyday tasks like lighting the oven.

 "I can't seem to find that extra gear, maybe I'm not the Ferrari I thought I was," Liam said.

After tasting both of the dry and underwhelming first courses, a riled up Aron said "they've got no idea".

Conrad and Liam's meltdown continued in the main course as the smoking of their salmon set off the smoke alarm and Liam couldn't find the salad he had prepared earlier for their stuffed squid dish.

 "Unfortunately that dish was full of ambition but you just didn't pull it off," Scott Pickett said of the overcooked salmon.

Never short of a cheeky one-liner, Liam said "if disappointment was an Olympic sport, give me my gold medal".

He and Liam redeemed themselves slightly with an unexpectedly tasty five-spice chocolate mousse.

Unfortunately their undercooked tapioca reminded Bowles of the "frog spawn" he was forced to eat at school.

Earning a score of just 36, Conrad and Liam now sit at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Perhaps their biggest achievement of the evening was to impress Christina with their humble reaction to the feedback.

"I'm truly impressed," she said.

"They've copped it on the chin; they've accepted it.

"They went up in my estimation big time."

Emi and Marie will host their dinner tomorrow night in Brisbane and it looks like they will shock their guests with one of their menu offerings - grilled chicken arteries.