HE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS: Alfred Kendrick shows his skills at Wanderlust.
HE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS: Alfred Kendrick shows his skills at Wanderlust. Che Chapman

Festival wanderers left lusting for active workshops

WHEN Alfred Kendrick starts moving, it's hard to concentrate on anything else.

The Hollywood-based personal trainer and creator of Fit Arts wowed participants of his three workshops at Wanderlust.

Mr Kendrick has worked with Rihanna, Russell Brand and more recently Jordin Sparks and said the "hybrid art form" of movement, dance and martial arts was something everyone could do.

Mr Kendrick had attended Wanderlust festivals in the US since 2013 and said he was pleased to bring something different to the Sunshine Coast program this year.

With the final events of the four-day festival winding up at 5pm yesterday, director Jonnie Halstead was on cloud nine.

"The Coast is outstanding and I have been back and forth for the last year-and-a-half building relationships with the Sunshine Coast Council, the tourism guys and the Novotel Twin Waters and in that time I suffered from desensitisation of how great this place is," he said.

"Then when people came walking in wide-eyed and bushy-tailed they would immediately say 'Wow Jonnie, this place is stunning'.

"We have been able to activate these golden beaches, have dinners under the stars and take excursions to the hinterland and enjoy amazing food."

Mr Halstead said walking onto the beach at Twin Waters yesterday morning and seeing one end holding sound healing meditation, another section hosting a surfing excursion and the other end pumping out music by a DJ to a couple of hundred yogis was "quinessential Wanderlust Australia".

"The Novotel has allowed me to use this canvas with quite a unique brush and we are looking forward to coming back next year," he said.