FINE FASHION: Indy Jespersen with her latest steampunk-inspired outfit.
FINE FASHION: Indy Jespersen with her latest steampunk-inspired outfit. Cody Fox

Mother, daughter duo set to turn heads at Steamfesta

OLD movies and a passion for the Victorian era has been the inspiration for a mother and daughter to work together.

Tanya Lyon and her daughter Indy Jespersen moved to Maryborough a few years ago and last October registered their Seams Enchanted business.

Tanya, who has been sewing since she was 14, said she only just got back into it and has been busy creating steampunk outfits for her stall at this weekend's Steamfesta.

Last year the pair created a number of cosplay outfits for Fraser Pop, but Tanya loves to create Victorian-style outfits.

"My daughter Indy likes gothic, steampunk - the subgenre of the steampunk movement has really taken off," Tanya said.

Indy found her passion growing up watching movies like Gone With The Wind and the Carousel, and musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

"I have always had a passion towards the Victorian era because women actually had quite a magnificent figure," Indy said.

"Women have more beauty wearing more clothing than less."

The 25-year-old said it was a passion she had taken on since she was 10 and loves having their own sewing business.

"We work great as a team - I enjoy working with mum, it is the best thing ever."

Indy said she does a lot of the little details like button holes but she also gets creative with hats and gadgets.

Tanya said Indy's latest steampunk outfit (pictured) took about a week to create.

"If I really sit down I can knock something out in a week," Tanya said.

"There is lots of material, time and lace.

"The last item I created took a bit over a week but that was because we have to track down 14 metres of lace."

Tanya still hasn't created her own outfit as they have been busy making outfits for their stall where there will be a variety of clothing for men, women and children.

Seams Enchanted will also have a few steampunk items for sale including the plague doctor mask, goggles, gloves and hats.

Visit Seams Enchanted on Facebook for more details.

Steamfesta will be held at Queens Park on June 29 from 1-4pm.