IT'S a worry all parents have - will the kids behave for Santa this year? - but sometimes a tantrum can turn into a long-lasting gem for the photo album.

Whether it be bursting into tears, ripping off Santa's beard or giving him back problems from climbing all over him, children are a common cause of the awkward family Christmas snap.

Amanda Janssen's classic photo.

When the Daily asked readers to share their family photo gems we received some hilarious snapshots, some of which our readers would rather forget.

For two years running Coolum woman Amanda Janssen has taken home nightmare photos after her son Jack burst into tears on Santa's lap.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Photos sent in by Amanda Janssen; Samantha Maher’s shot of Sydney Swans player Sam Reid and girlfriend Kimberly; Karen Poole; Annette Micallef; Tanya Hicks; and Alexia Josic. PHOTOS: CONTRIBUTED
Samantha Maher submitted this one of Sydney Swan Sam Reid and Kimberly

"He just hates Santa. When we're in line he's fine but as soon as we get within a metre he loses it," she said.

"I don't know what it is about Santa that has him so terrified.''

Ms Janssen said she would try for a new photo next year.

Karen Poole.

"It's good to look back on them, I'd like to collect some and share them on his 21st birthday."

Unruly pets also featured heavily in awkward photos.

Tanya Hicks.

French bulldog breeder Samantha Maher, of Gympie, said she often received hilarious family photos featuring what's possibly the "most awkward'' looking dog breed out there.

Ms Maher shared a snapshot of Sydney Swans star Sam Reid and his girlfriend Kimberly posing for their annual Santa photo with frenchies Frankie and Alfie.

Annette Micallef's awkward photo.
Annette Micallef's awkward photo. Contributed

"Everyone who buys my puppies sends me their Christmas photos," she said.

Ms Maher said she had kept in touch with Reid and the family since they took the dogs home two years ago.


Santa visits Kawana Shoppingworld.