Jayant Patel yesterday won the right to appeal his manslaughter conviction.
Jayant Patel yesterday won the right to appeal his manslaughter conviction.

Medical Board: Patel must not be allowed to practise in Aust

JAYANT Patel's dishonesty and negligence did so much damage to the medical profession he should be banned from practising for life, according to a Medical Board of Australia's submission to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Board lawyer Dr Ian Freckelton told the tribunal on Monday the former Bundaberg doctor's negligence and fraudulent actions had damaged the integrity of all doctors, and he should not be allowed to practise in the country again.

"The conduct of Dr Patel has, in many persons' eyes, we fear, undermined their confidence in the medical profession, and that is a serious matter indeed," he said.

"The conduct of Dr Patel was dishonourable, it lacked integrity and it betrayed his obligation of trust to vulnerable patients who depended for their lives upon him."

Dr Freckelton said Dr Patel had fraudulently told the former Queensland Medical Board he had never been suspended despite being sanctioned in New York state and Oregon in the USA for unprofessional conduct.

The court heard if he had admitted to the American disciplinary actions, he would likely have not been registered, or had significant restrictions placed on him, which would likely have prevented him being employed at the Bundaberg Hospital.

Neither Dr Patel, who now lives in the United States, nor any legal representatives for him appeared in court.

Dr Patel was jailed in 2010 for three counts of manslaughter, but the convictions were quashed on appeal in 2013. He was acquitted on the first manslaughter retrial and the other charges were dropped.

He pleaded guilty to fraud charges for his fraudulent registration.

The decision, which will be delivered on Friday, could have international implications for Dr Patel, with the court hearing his registration in Oregon in the United States was currently suspended, depending on the tribunal's decision.