The BMW X5.
The BMW X5.

Amazing how even cars have manners nowadays

FOR those of you keen to show good manners and treat those around you with a little extra pampering, some cars can help you deliver that extra touch.

Luxury cars such as Audi's Q8 and BMW's X5 (pictured) have installed technology that allows us to display gestures we appreciate but may not see very often.

As you take your place in the front seat, the car slides the seat to greet you - just like a chivalrous gentleman tucking your chair in at a restaurant. Other models go further and extend that courtesy to your passengers.

Does your passenger want lumbar support, leg cushion extensions or their side bolsters adjusted?

You can perform these adjustments from the driver's side using your own seat controls to make it more comfortable for your guest.

Some cars can even consider the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle by offering air suspension to lower it. Anybody wearing a pencil skirt? No problem!

These vehicles will give you the edge, with your passengers leaving them sure of your impeccable manners.

If you can afford these luxurious touches, the extra pampering is well worth it.