Amazing moment paramedics ‘revive’ kittens


TWO kittens have been miraculously rescued from a house fire in Brisbane's east this morning.

Paramedics treated two kittens for smoke inhalation. Picture: QAS
Paramedics treated two kittens for smoke inhalation. Picture: QAS

Emergency services were called to assist two kittens from a fire, which started in the kitchen of a Morningside unit about 9.44am on Saturday.

Paramedics were called to "revive" the two kittens - who suffered from smoke inhalation -using oxygen.

Footage of the rescue, released by Queensland Police, show the cats undergoing treatment outside the home.

In the video, firefighters can be seen checking one of the kitten's heart rate while paramedics used oxygen masks revive the kitten.

Queensland Police said both cats are in a stable condition.

People have taken to social media praising the emergency services' efforts in the rescue.

"Thank you for caring for animals as well as people," one woman said.

"A big thank you from someone who appreciates your care for our fuzzy family members," another said.

The kittens have since been taken to a nearby vet for treatment.

Three fire crews contained the fire in five minutes, according to a Queensland Fire and Emergency services spokeswoman.

Queensland Police are still trying to locate the unit's owners.

The fire investigation unit are investigating.