Amazing space in 3D: just grab today's token

WHAT'S wrong with this picture?

You're not wearing your 3D glasses, that's what!

This is one of the many cool three-dimensional images that will feature in the Chronicle's free Amazing Space activity and sticker books, which launch today.

The books are jam-packed with facts, diagrams, puzzles and hands-on activity suggestions to get you thinking about the amazing world that exists up in space, and the pages come to life with the aid of 3D glasses.

Getting involved with Amazing Space is easy.

All you need to do is collect your free sticker book and glasses - which are available now - from your local participating newsagent, then make sure you grab your Chronicle every day from today until June 6.

Every day we will print one token, which will entitle you to receive a sticker card from your newsagent - with each card including two stickers for your book, plus cool instant win prizes.

So join us on a journey through Amazing Space and go intergalactic, only in your Fraser Coast Chronicle.