Gary Young's photograph of a pig on Coolum Beach.
Gary Young's photograph of a pig on Coolum Beach. Gary Young

And this little piggy went to ... the dog beach

THOUSANDS of people love to take their dog for a stroll along Coolum Beach, but one couple decided to take their pig.

Gary Young, who has lived in Coolum for three decades, snapped the photograph of the little porker as it was about to go for a stroll near Stumers Creek.

Mr Young said he saw the pig about 5pm on April 2.

And to make sure no one thought it was a late April's Fools Day joke, he asked its owners if he could share the photo.

Pigs are known to make superb pets.

The RSPCA advises "pigs are intelligent, inquisitive, social animals" and they "can be toilet trained like dogs".

They also make for easy feeding as they will "eat almost anything".

Would you consider having a pig as a pet?

This poll ended on 25 April 2017.

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Yes, they'd be an interesting animal to have around.


Nope, I'm fine with the usual dog, cat, snake, etc.


I wouldn't keep any kind of pet.


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"They will need cereals such as wheat, barley or oats, and will enjoy apples, kale, and root vegetables such as mangelwurzel or turnips; they will also forage for roots and fallen fruits. You can give them household vegetable and fruit scraps that would otherwise be used for compost," the RSPCA website advises.

They're very smart too and can perform a number of tricks.

"Pigs can learn their name very quickly, can learn tricks such as sitting or twirling, can be trained to wear a leash or harness, and can be trained to use a large litter box," the website advises.

However, keeping a pig is not as easy as one might think and may require a permit to be kept in the backyard.

The Sunshine Coast Council provides general rules for keeping animals other than cats and dogs.

The owner would need to ensure the animal did not "cause a nuisance", create a health risk or cause of loss of amenity.

Mr Young was concerned for the safety of the pig on a off-leash dog beach.

"My dog was interested in it as he has been pig hunting," Mr Young said.

"A pig's a pig to a dog, they all smell like pork."