Andrew Wilkie resurrects $1 pokie bets push

INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie has resurrected his failed pokies laws to limit bets to $1, despite a lack of wider support.

Mr Wilkie on Monday re-introduced his long-planned pokies reforms, which were abandoned by the Gillard government after pledges to support the changes.

But while Mr Wilkie may gain some limited crossbench support, including from Senator Nick Xenophon, neither Labor nor the Coalition have voiced any support for the reforms.

Mr Wilkie said the lack of support for the changes, including mandatory pre-commitment from gamblers and capped jackpots, showed both parties had turned a "blind eye" to the toll of poker machines.

"Enough is enough and it's time for the Parliament to act to reduce the harm and protect problem gamblers from this most addictive form of gambling," he said.

While the government let the bill be introduced, debate was delayed.