Urangan pier
Urangan pier Tracey Joynson

Where to fish: anglers head to rivers

THE recent weather has been shocking for the local fishing scene as frustrated anglers take to the rivers to catch a feed.

The rivers and creeks will be a good option as we have persistent southerly winds over the weekend.

Urangan Pier

OFF the Urangan Pier anglers have landed a few longtail tuna, school and spanish mackerel, good-size bream and flathead.

Bream have been taken on strip baits and half pilchards that were floated next to the pylons.

Whiting and gar have been taken in the first channel.

Local Reefs

THE artificial reef has had some good catches of snapper from 40cm to 70 cm; floating baits out the back on the tide change has produced the goods.

Other captures have been mackerel, golden trevally, sweetlip and cod.

Chasing a feed of squid has been easy of late with plenty of them found in their usual haunts.

Diver whiting can also be found in good numbers from the western side of Big Woody, off Shelly Beach and Point Vernon.

Platypus Bay

WITH water temps still up about 21°C snapper schools have not yet arrived.

Targeting the reefs for trevally, sweetlip, scarlets and mackerel has turned up a few nice catches.

Strip baits, yakkas and soft plastics have taken some good fish.

Longtail tuna can also be found deeper in the water column with fish taking soft plastics worked with a medium paced retrieve.

Wide Grounds

LIMITED reports have come in from the wide grounds due to bad weather.

If the weather improves parrot, hussar, snapper, coral trout, cod and more will be on offer.

Sandy Strait

IN THE Strait, diver whiting can be found in the northern Straits and Turkey Straits.

Live yabbies have been the best bite.

However, having some squid on hand when you find a thick patch is handy.

Changing baits less frequently is more productive because the squid stays on much longer.

Flathead can be found on the flats with a few blue salmon also turning up on the flats.

Sand whiting will also be worth targeting on the bigger tides, along with grunter.