Ex threatened to expose naked pics

A MAN who could not accept his relationship was over threatened to distribute naked photos of his ex-girlfriend.

The 40-year-old and his older girlfriend had been in a relationship for 15 months before she broke it off.

Over nine days he sent her 233 text messages and called her several times, telling her he wanted to resume their relationship.

The woman only texted him back 57 times – eventually telling him to leave her alone.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the woman was driving to a pub at Lowood when her tyre went flat.

She was horrified to discover her tyre had been slashed and sent a text message to her ex-partner to accuse him of the spiteful act, saying: “Thanks for the tyre”.

He replied: “I could have slashed all your tyres”.

The man also threatened to publish naked photos of his ex, which he had taken during their relationship, despite being told to delete them, and sent her a topless photo of herself.

The behaviour escalated on April 17, when the defendant followed the woman in her car.

She panicked and called triple-0 while driving to the nearest police station.

After parking at the police station, the man walked to the driver’s-side window and made a slitting throat motion with his finger.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bill Stothard said the man told his ex: “Do you want to carry on with this? You’ll lose everything.”

He then sped off, despite being told to stop by police officers at the station.

The man, who had a limited prior history, pleaded guilty to stalking.

He was fined $800 with no conviction recorded.

Defence barrister Greg O’Meara said the man denied slashing the woman’s tyre, saying he was offended by the accusation and argued that if he had slashed her tyre, he would have done all of them.

Mr O’Meara said his client also denied making the “slitting throat” motion.

He said his client took the relationship break-up badly.

Mr O’Meara said the man had a good work history and was otherwise of good character.

A domestic violence order has since been taken out against the man.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum described the man’s behaviour as “childish in the extreme”.