Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary curator Ray Revil with a wallaby.
Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary curator Ray Revil with a wallaby. Annie Perets

Animals on the move as wet weather rolls in

SEEING the downpour is a "hell of a welcome relief" for wildlife curator Ray Revill.

The owner of the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary said the latest downpour had filled up the sanctuary's tanks and greened the lawns.

He said the animals were able to feed properly on the rich grass after months of dry conditions.

"It's been good for everything, the dams are nearly full as well," Mr Revill said.

"Certainly good, but we need a follow up."


But Mr Revill said the sanctuary still needed the public's help to accommodate animals and supply food..

It follows months of hardship as dry conditions rocked the Fraser Coast.

"We're not totally out of the woods yet, but this will lessen our strain a bit," he said.

Mr Revill warned motorists about animals using the road as they became more active during the wet weather.

He said many were seeking refuge as habitats became flooded and moving to find greener areas to feed.

"There's been an increase in kangaroo movement, birds are flying around and turtles are moving across the road," Mr Revill said.

"Snakes will also be out and about seeking prey like frogs and rats, so that will enhance the breeding season.

"Motorists should look out for what's on the road and on the side of the road.

"Don't be in a rush to get anywhere, be safe and drive safe."