Guide to candidates in the Maryborough electorate

Anne Maddern LNP

SINCE 2012, it has been my honour and privilege to be your local LNP Member in the Queensland Parliament.

When the LNP came to Government, we rolled out our plan to cut waste, grow the economy and provide better public services - increased hospital services, reduced surgery waiting lists, upgraded roads, properly funded schools with a clear focus on literacy and numeracy, more police and a safer community. We delivered on our plan.

Now we need to build on our work by improving services, continuing to grow the economy and creating the right environment for jobs growth.

By slashing wasteful Government spending and cutting red tape, we have created better business conditions - and profitable businesses create more jobs!

Our strong plan will train people to take on those jobs, with another 11,500 job-targeted training places, a $2500 incentive for placement of new cadets in areas of high unemployment and $6000 for each additional apprentice taken on by a business.

The LNP's Royalties for the Regions program will underpin regional jobs growth by focusing on building new infrastructure.

One local Royalties for the Regions project I will deliver is the raising of the Torbanlea causeway - a 'must-fix' for the local community, and one which will support local jobs.

I am also working hard to expand our local agricultural sector by securing water supplies, and fixing our shortage of new housing.

The construction industry employs builders, plumbers, electricians and associated trades - and creates plenty of downstream jobs as well.

The LNP will work closely with councils to ensure there is sufficient suitable land to kickstart an industry which has always played a key role in strong economic growth.

Building on these achievements is the key to creating a stronger Maryborough Electorate, but I need your support on election day to make these plans a reality.

Chris Foley - Independent

1. TRACK Record: Political parties will try to tell you that Independents can't get anything for their Electorates. This is a nonsense.

Whilst I was the Member for the Electorate of Maryborough we gained $810m a year over nine years.

Compared to $581m a year for the last three years under the current government member.

2. Experience: I know the job inside out as I have already done it for nine years.

3. People first, not political parties:

If you have a government member, you have an apologist for the system.

I have already proved that I have no other priority than my electorate, and will not be silenced or told what to do by a political party.

No More Asset Sales: Successive Queensland Governments have worked hard since 1867 to build a portfolio of income-producing assets owned by the people of Queensland whilst still "balancing the budget" each year.

These assets are owned by every Queenslander and should not be sold off to pay off deficit budgets or in the current government's case, sell them off to buy votes.

Campbell Newman has gone so far as to try to blackmail Queensland by saying if you don't vote in an LNP Member, he will cancel all the promises he made to your Electorate.

In summary: I have a proven ability to work with Ministers from either side of the political fence.

I'm not a hater, but I sure am a fighter.

I am ready, willing and able to lead the fight to "Bring back the Maryborough electorate.

We need to bring businesses (large and small) back to our electorate.

We need to revitalise the services at Maryborough hospital.

And we need jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

Keep the government honest - vote Independent.

Steve Anderson - Palmer United Party

FORTY-two years ago my father took up the position of editor on what was then the Maryborough Chronicle.

Obviously the family followed, I was 15 years old when we moved to Maryborough.

I have worked, married and raised a family here and run several successful businesses during that period.

I love Maryborough, and am disappointed to see her, in her present state.

I believe our major issues are health and the massive unemployment.

If elected to represent the seat of Maryborough I will do all within my power, and the power of the Palmer United Party, a party with Federal representation to turn things around.

Our hospital needs to be a fully serviced and a functional hospital once again.

Our region needs industry and businesses to be attracted to the area, and our existing businesses need a break.

I believe a zonal taxation system, and the abolition of payroll tax will go a long way towards attracting big business and industry to the regional areas.

A vote for Palmer United is a vote for change.

It is a vote for something new, something other than our present two party, pass-the-baton style of politics.

Bruce Saunders - ALP

BRUCE Saunders is a regional Queenslander, born and educated in Longreach.

He and his wife, Jenni, made a home and started their family in Maryborough in the 1980s.

Bruce started his working life as an announcer on 4MB. Bruce has been a small business owner for over 25 years.

Bruce has observed first hand, the debilitating impacts of the Newman Government's vicious attacks on jobs and services in Maryborough.

Rising unemployment, falling incomes and a reduction in basic services are all core to the negative impact this LNP government has had on Maryborough.

Bruce is committed to paving a strong way forward for the Maryborough Electorate.

Maryborough holds a proud position in Queensland's history and the heritage values of Maryborough city are well known.

Bruce is keen to capitalise on strong heritage and environmental values to get Maryborough moving again.

The electorate of Maryborough also has the natural beauty of the Mary River to the south encompassing Curra, Glenwood and Tiaro as well the historic town of Howard to our north and Wide Bay coastline from Burrum Heads to Toogoom.

Bruce believes heritage and eco-tourism can help put Maryborough back on the Queensland map.

Bruce says Maryborough has been left behind the rest of Queensland - Labor believes no-one should be left behind.

Bruce is determined to get the local economy growing again.

He believes that can only happen if the community comes together with the goal of putting Maryborough first.

If elected Bruce will work across the whole community and at all levels of government to restore services and revitalise the Maryborough electorate.

He firmly believes solutions to local problems are found by working together as a community. That's why Bruce Saunders is asking voters to put Maryborough first.

At the next state election: Vote 1 Bruce Saunders.

Katherine Webb - The Greens

AS the Greens Candidate for Maryborough, I am urging Queenslanders to Vote 1 The Greens this time for a cleaner, greener, safer state.

Do it to save your quality of life.

With the strength of your vote, the Greens will help restore the Great Barrier Reef which generates more than $AU2billion annually, and thousands of Queensland jobs.

The Greens will advance the transition from dirty, destructive, outmoded, over-subsidised fossil fuels to renewable energies which already provide more jobs than the mining industry.

It's an expanding market. With appropriate government support, this could mean a thriving solar manufacturing industry for Maryborough.

The Greens will continue to take a stand for the health of the Mary River, which is a major part of the seat of Maryborough's infrastructure and economy.

The older parties are very short-sighted regarding the link between a healthy ecology and a healthy economy.

It's something that farmers understand well but their interests are not served by the "Laberals".

One thing the two older parties has in common is their self-interest and corruption at taxpayers' expense, to the extent that Tony Fitzgerald of the Fitzgerald inquiry has publicly urged Queenslanders not to vote for either of them.

The Greens support farmers' rights to say no to mining companies. We can't eat coal and we can't drink gas.

If you want a future with drinkable water and healthy agricultural land for your children's children, trust the Greens.

The Greens are a strong and progressive party with consistent policies and runs on the board: nine federal senators and more than 20 MPs, both state and federal.

Every vote counts, but only if you put us before the others. Your Green vote will then go to your next preference at full value in the two- party preferred count.

Russell Wattie - Independent

MY LOCAL history in Maryborough is limited to the last seven years, when my wife and I brought our house at Tiaro.

Prior to moving to this area, we have lived in the north-east of Victoria, in a similar area, work wise, with a strong timber industry historically, a major agricultural area supporting local communities along with base industries although different to the heavy fabrication industry in Maryborough, still a substantial industrial base that suffered over time by poor government decisions that have sent jobs overseas.

I have worked and operated a small business servicing most of these industries and continue to this day.

I would work to see a strengthening of Maryborough's industry through, working with existing industry leaders to capitalise on the positive aspects of local industry, to capitalise on the growth of the Alpha Galilee Coal Basin, along with the downturn in the mining in the Bowen Basin.

With the Bruce Highway giving ready access to these mining areas we need to see the State and Federal governments work towards elimination of black spots and enable local industry to capitalise on that access.

Our farmers need to be supported and protected from predatory activity by foreign corporations, and city politicians that don't understand the needs of farmers.

They need to be educated, by a strong voice in parliament that has the interest of our strong agricultural industry.

The one thing that the people of Maryborough can count on if I am elected as their representative is they will have no doubt that they have a voice in parliament. I will be heard. I will be seen.

I will push for strengthening the powers of the CCC, the stink of corruption has become overpowering in the last three years and I will oppose asset sales/leases.

I will hold other MPs to the same high standard of integrity, I expect of myself.

Damian Huxham - One Nation

MY NAME is Damian Huxham. My party is One Nation and we are here to make a difference.

I am here to bring a dose of working class reality to a political system that is way out of touch with the people it represents.

I'm sick of politicians broken promises, dishonesty and continual disappointment. We need to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

Both the ALP and LNP are saying don't do deals with smaller parties, they want free reign to do whatever they choose, like midnight pay-rises for themselves and VLAD laws, a law that criminalises anyone that has seen or heard a Harley Davidson rumble by.

Parliament needs a watchdog. We are fielding 11 candidates and will act as a watchdog for the people whilst in parliament. Without an upper house the ruling party can do whatever it wants without a thought for the people it represents.

I'm not a career politician, I don't have all the answers but I am willing to listen to "find the right answers".

Our apprenticeship scheme aims at keeping local people here getting trade skills.

We want our nurses out of Universities and back into hospitals.

Absolutely no sale of our assets.

The de-privatisation of the water industry.

We support medicinal cannabis for pain-free treatment.

We will abolish the Australian Halal certification scheme.

No coal seam gas until its proven there is no environmental damage.

No increase to GST until multinational companies pay their fair share of tax.

A reduction in politicians' excessive pay-packets, allowances and perks.

I believe everyone should be treated equally, equally on a needs basis - not a race, preference or religious basis.

With your vote on Saturday I will to bring credibility, accountability and honesty back into parliament.