COMEDY hit The Hangover: Part II has found itself embroiled in more legal trouble with producers accused of stealing script ideas.

It's the third lawsuit the troubled sequel has found itself battling after issues over the tattoo worn by the film's lead Ed Helms and a stunt-man alleging he was hurt during filming.

Animal rights campaigners were also up-in-arms over some of the film's content.

The latest lawsuit comes from Michael Alan Rubin who says the script for The Hangover: Part II closely resembles one he wrote and called Mickey and Kirin following a bad experience in Asia.

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The Hollywood Reporter says Rubin married a Japanese woman in 2007, but troubles arose over his financial status and she refused to share a hotel room with him.

"The production of Hangover 2 is not a complete 'literary' or 'artistic' works of the Hangover Defendants as credited in Hangover 2," the lawsuit states.

"In fact, the production of Hangover 2 was a result of infringement of the Plaintiff's treatment Mickey and Kirin and exploitation of the private real life of Plaintiff in an insulting manner."

Rubin, who is representing himself, is suing for copyright infringement, misappropriation of publicity rights, and defamation, The Hollywood Reporter says.

The Hangover: Part II was a Box Office hit, raking in more than $500 million in worldwide takings.