Darren Lee Jolley performed sexualised acts with a puppy.
Darren Lee Jolley performed sexualised acts with a puppy. Contributed

Appeal over CQ miner's 'repugnant' dog sex act dismissed

Warning: graphic content

A CENTRAL Queensland miner who videoed a puppy performing "repugnant" sex acts on him has had his appeal thrown out.

When police searched his phone, they discovered Darren Lee Jolley had allowed a staffy puppy to lick up his ejaculate and lick his genitals and anus as he filmed it.

In the Emerald Magistrates Court, Jolley was fined $500 and banned from owning a dog for two years. But Jolley appealed that decision to the Brisbane District Court claiming his actions had not been against the Animal Care and Protection Act that he was charged with breaching.

Jolley argued to breach the act he must have harmed the dog, which he said he did not do.

But Judge Leanne Clare dismissed the appeal, agreeing he had broken the law.

"The objective intent and the practical effect of (the act) are one and the same, namely the advancement of the responsible care and use of animals by imposing a duty on those in charge of them to take reasonable action for their appropriate care, and penalising any breach of that standard," she said

"The appellant engaged the dog in a sexual purpose. There was no evidence as to how the incident began. Whether contrived or opportunistic, the appellant did not stop the dog. He engaged with it and procured a recording of the incident.

"This dog was handled in a way that would be repugnant to the vast majority of our community. The appellant's actions and omissions violated a strong and long-standing taboo." -NewsRegional