GREEN SAYS GO: Leesa Beasley with Eidsvold Kindy's new traffic light.
GREEN SAYS GO: Leesa Beasley with Eidsvold Kindy's new traffic light. Alex Treacy

ARE YOU KIDDING? Odd spot for region's only traffic light

THE North Burnett region spans 19,708sq km - the same land area as Tasmania - and it has finally received its first traffic light.

But this traffic light is not for motorists, it's for the lucky kids at Eidsvold Kindy.

"I think we're now the capital of the North Burnett," director Leesa Beasley said.

The kindy had the light shipped from Melbourne, where Ryan Purdie, who runs a program called Traffic Lights for Kinders, rewires decommissioned lights and gifts them to schools and kindies.

The traffic light is fitted with a sequencer, which cycles through the three colours.

"I don't think he realises it changes a child's life," Ms Beasley said.

"It's a great teaching and learning opportunity - patterns, colours and a chance to educate about road safety.

"We have a child with additional needs and he has really engaged with this, it's really interesting for him.

"I think there's a great opportunity here for special needs education."

Ms Beasley said she planned on fixing a stand for the traffic light so it could be shared around with other schools and kindies.

"If they don't leave or go to Bundaberg, then they don't know what this is," Ms Beasley said.

The kindy is also planning on installing a small bike track in the play area, which the director said the traffic light would be perfect for.

Travis Kyle (pictured, front left) said his favourite part of the traffic light was its green sequence.

Not only is green his favourite colour, but he also likes to go fast "like Lightning McQueen", the anthropomorphic car from Disney's Cars.