Recycling is important at Christmas.
Recycling is important at Christmas.

As you unwrap presents, think of what can be recycled

AS Fraser Coast residents rip into their presents this Christmas they should remember that most of the boxes, packaging and wrapping paper can be recycled.

That is the message from Fraser Coast Councillor Paul Truscott, who encouraged everyone to recycle on Christmas morning.

"Recycling is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for the local community with more than 60,000 tonnes of material recycled through the council's waste facilities in 2019/20," he said.

"There are a few simple steps to take to recycle your Christmas wrapping.

"Not everything can be recycled, and it's important to check the labels on packing boxes.

"Some packaging may be covered in plastic or other coatings that cannot be recycled so that packaging has to go in the waste bin.

"Also, the wire twisties need to be separated from the plastic holders and the plastic from the cardboard before they go into the recycling bin.

"Please only put glass jars and containers, paper and cardboard, hard plastic, steel and aluminium cans and containers in your yellow recycling bin."

The simple rules are:

• Take the lids off

• Rinse containers

• Don't bag it or box it - put recycling loose into the bin

• No soft plastics like bread wrappers or bags.

Check out the A to Z guide on what goes in what bins at