My Kitchen Rules semi-finalists Will and Steve, left, and Ash and Camilla.
My Kitchen Rules semi-finalists Will and Steve, left, and Ash and Camilla. Channel 7

Ash and Camilla tip Poms to be first all-male MKR winners

THE latest eliminated My Kitchen Rules team tips pommies Will and Steve to win the show.

Melbourne mates Ash Pollard and Camilla Counsel lost their semi-final cook-off to the British expats last night.

"It would be nice to say we lost to the winners," Pollard told APN.

"We did our abs best and our hearts were in it, no doubt about it. I think perhaps our menu plan and the sheer stress of it all got the best of us.

"At this point my money's on Will and Steve purely because they have been slightly more consistent. They have a touch more technique than the girls."

The Sydney-based lads will face off against either Mount Isa cousins Jac and Shaz or Perth workmates Eva and Debra in Monday's final, when the $250,000 grand prize will be on the line.

The two all-female teams will cook against one another in Sunday's second semi-final.

"Eva and Debra have the most amazing sense of flavour when it comes to creating curries and different Asian things," Ms Pollard said.

"But Jac and Shaz are fabulous at keeping it simple. That's why they're so good at this competition. They're not trying to be someone they're not. They are just bringing the simplest dishes and really making them shine."

Initially picked as the villains of the reality cooking show, the French cuisine loving ladies say they are happy with how they've been portrayed on screen.

"I'm very proud with how we've conducted ourselves," Ms Pollard said.

"I don't regret anything I've said or done, except for screwing the gnocchi up (in the semi-final)."

My Kitchen Rules airs on Sunday at 7pm and the grand final airs on Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 7.